Everton chairman: Roy Keane says some stupid things

Posted on Nov 18 2014 - 5:15pm by Staff Writer

Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane “says some stupid things”, claims Everton chairman Bill Kenwright after the former midfielder hit out at the Merseyside club.

The former Manchester United midfielder claimed that James McCarthy and Seamus Coleman have been told to withdraw from the national squad by exaggerating injury on numerous occasions by Everton.

“I worry that [McCarthy] is under lots of pressure, particularly from Everton’s point of view,” Keane told reporters.

“Every time an international match comes around, it always seems to be Seamus and James who are under pressure. They’re turning up or they mightn’t turn up, or they’re struggling.”

However, Kenwright took exception to the comments and told Sky Sports News: “I’m a big fan of Roy Keane’s but he does say some stupid things.

“That is just totally totally unfair. We absolutely love our players going on international duty and we never ever get in the way of them and Roberto Martinez will be as shocked as everyone at Everton.”