Top 10: Champions League Goals, featuring Leo Messi

Posted on Jun 6 2015 - 3:00pm by Craig Muncey

So many great goals, some of the goals to miss out is Gabriel Milito, 2010 final, Trevor Francis 1979 final and Ferenc Puskas goal in the 1960 final, however, Football Express News could only choose 10 – so here they are.

10. Ronald Koeman – 1992 final, Barcelona v Sampdoria.

In a tight final, Barcelona get a free kick 20 yards out, Koeman drills a shot past Italian keeper, Pagliuca, and Barcelona win the European Cup for the first time. Fantastic clean strike, typical Koeman.

9. Lionel Messi – 2011 final, Barcelona v Manchester United.

Iniesta and Xaxi swop passes (yet again), ball gets to Messi, makes a dart and then 20 yards out, fires a shot with his left foot past Van Der Sar.

8. Alfredo Di Stefano – 1960 final. Real Madrid v Eintract Frankfurt.

In a fantastic final with some great goals, the pick was Di Stefano getting a ball nearly 40 yards out, charging past players at pace, gets to edge of box and smashes a low shot past a keeper who just stands and admires it.

7. George Best – 1968 final. Manchester United v Benfica.

In extra time, a long clearance down field, a flick on, Best flicks the ball past the last defender, calmly dribbles the ball past the oncoming keeper, and slots it into an empty net. Such calmness under extreme pressures.

6. David Villa – 2011 final. Barcelona v Manchester United.

Barcelona have a corner take it short, and ball breaks to Messi, great bit of skill, goes past a defender, ball is crossed, but half cleared, breaks to Villa on edge of box, takes a touch and then curls the ball from 18 yards past Van Der Sar, a beautiful finish.

5. Gerd Muller – 1974 final. Bayern Munich v Atletico Madrid.

Through ball to Muller, one touch and then a delightful chip over Miguel Reina (Pepe’s dad) and nestles in the bottom of the net. The audacity of this finish is stunning by one of the greatest goal poachers of all time.

4. Lars Ricken – 1997 final. Borussia Dortmund v Juventus.

Ricken just off the bench, gets a through ball, and first time from 20 yards out, puts the ball over Peruzzi in the Juventus goal, a fantastic improvised shot, after only just coming off the bench. A great goal.

3. Dejan Savicevic – 1994 final. AC Milan v Barcelona.

Demetrio Alberini passes the ball into the far right corner, Nadal gets there first and tries to clear, Savicevic blocks the clearance, moves to the ball and from on the right side of the penalty box, lobs Zubizarreta in the Barcelona goal, who is hardly off his line, a fantastic finish in a fantastic final.

2. Hernan Crespo – 2005 final. AC Milan v Liverpool.

A fantastic turn by Kaka on halfway line, and then a sumptuous through ball, curled around an outstretched Jamie Carragher, Crespo latches onto it, and as Dudek comes out he curls the ball first time around the keeper and into the net. A fantastic pass and an unbelievable finish.

1. Zinedine Zidane – 2002 final. Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen.

Roberto Carlos plays pass inside to Santiago Solari, and as usual Carlos bombs on, Solari plays a lovely ball over the top, Carlos under pressure, lobs a pass just outside the penalty box, with stunning technique, Zidane swivels and with his left foot, smashes the ball past Butt in the Leverkusen goal, a stunning goal with stunning technique, to any of you just try copying it, I dare you 😉

Hope you have enjoyed the top 10 compilations and let’s look forward to a great Champions League Final.