Hudson: Pirlo’s leisurely legs keep him world class

Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 4:40pm by Staff Writer


Italy’s veteran talisman Andrea Pirlo knows the secret to maintaining world class form in a player’s twilight years and it is all down to his leisurely legs, in the eyes of former playmaker Alan Hudson.

Hudson, who played for Chelsea, Arsenal and Stoke City and is now a football pundit, described Italy captain Pirlo as a fine example of how top players should be in order to maintain their form if they wish to play international football well into their 30’s.

He told Football Express News: “What’s so great about Pirlo, is he doesn’t waste all his energy running here, there and everywhere like a lot of others do.

“He just struts about on the pitch, looks dominant and as long as he’s got the ball at his feet, the other team can’t score.”

Pirlo, who is 35, displayed some exceptional ability earlier this month in the World Cup tournament and this was highlighted against England during their clash with Italy on 14 June.

Hudson said that particular game, which ended 2-1 to Italy, demonstrated the fact the Italian playmaker still holds the cards as one of the world’s most skilful players and will likely continue at the top top of his game for a number of years.

“Pirlo wasn’t wrong when he said ‘I can torment England again,’ he took them apart the other week.

“The way he’s going, he looks like he could play in another ten World Cups because he doesn’t run and has the ability to keep hold of the ball.

“Possession is nine tenths of the law in football,” he added.