FAB FIVE: Greatest ever Premier League strikers

Football Express News has chosen the Premier League’s top five strikers, featuring Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and Alan Shearer.

Thierry Henry 

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The Frenchman was a young prodigy with bags of unfulfilled talent when fellow countryman Arsene Wenger splashed out a sizable £11 million in the summer of 1999. His ruthless goal scoring form and elegant performances were instant at Arsenal as he took English football by storm. The consistency and effortless manner in which defenses across the country were being taken apart was a breath taking spectacle in the form of footballing art. The high level of performance was a key factor behind the new free flowing style in which Arsenal fashioned under Wenger as he acted as the focal point for some of the most iconic and memorable goals in the history of Premier League football.

Didier Drogba 

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The Ivorian struggled in the early stages of his career in West London but as the years past his contribution strengthened and in turn made him one of the most recognizable figures in Premier League history. The sheer power and strength in which he wrestled past defenders every week made him the the visual definition of the footballing term “tank”. His ability to win games and dictate big showdowns made him vital to any of the success Chelsea have had in the last decade with his presence being one of very few constants since the Abramovich take over. Waves of attack were orchestrated with Drogba as the central conductor as his impeccable ability often seen as the greatest cause for optimism when taking on opposition defences.

Luis Suarez

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The maverick Uruguayan is one of the most controversial figures in Premier League history but also one the greatest. After struggling to adapt to the English game early on he came alive under the management of Brendan Rodgers and became a goal scoring machine. His determined attitude and concise style made him rip teams apart and score goals beyond basic human comprehension. His guile and technique meant he was able to coast past opponents and finish chances with the cool and calm demeanour associated with all great strikers. His time in England will mostly be remembered for his controversial moments but many football fans will remember him as an all time great.

 Wayne Rooney

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Rooney burst onto the scene when he thumped the ball past then England number one goalkeeper David Seaman for boyhood club Everton. Since then he has moved to the very top at Old Trafford and become one of the most effective and consistent performers in Manchester United’s history. The team has changed and key players have left but Rooney has remained the center piece for the foray of attacking brilliance seen at United and has become the face of a dominant period that ensued at the club since his arrival. Outstanding finishing and technique means any type of goal is possible with some of his efforts defying logic and being cemented into Premier League folklore.

Alan Shearer

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The all time record Premier League goal scorer was the master at finding the back of the net and did so with effortless style and precision. The efficiency in which he was able to score goals made him the pinnacle of the modern day striker and ensured he was pioneer for Premier League goal scoring. Through a simplistic playing style he was able to hit consistent levels in the scoring charts and made the Golden Boot a regular feature on his list of illustrious achievements within the game. Playing for less fashionable sides mean people don’t appreciate his talent but he was undoubtedly one of the greatest center forwards this country has ever produced.