Chelsea Blog: Lay Off Frankie!

Posted on Aug 6 2014 - 8:00pm by Staff Writer


Former Chelsea favourite Frank Lampard has raised more then a few eyebrows after it was announced last week that the Blues legend and former vice captain will be wearing Manchester City blue during a six month loan spell from New York City FC for whom he has recently signed.  

After making 429 appearances for the pensioners in which he scored a club record total of 211 goals, his move has come as a major shock to Chelsea fans.

While former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin stated in a recent BBC article that Lampard’s move to a fellow title challenger wont damage Frank’s legendary status at Chelsea Football Club, I cant help think that it might… But should it?

What Lampard contributed to the club during his 13 year stay after signing from West Ham in 2011 should not be overshadowed by this move.

After winning numerous trophies including the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, EUFA Europa League and EUFA Champions league, you can forgive Frank for wanting to indulge in a new challenge.

Like many other Chelsea fans, It was slightly disappointing to see Frank change shades of blue, but as the club no longer required his services, I don’t believe Lampard had any obligation to pass up on a move to City.

Personally I think he has to do what’s right for him and his family. City appears to have been the best option.

While it is unknown what impact Super Frank’s arrival will have at City (if any), his contribution to Chelsea last season was poor as he lacked consistency and fitness with José Mourinho using the midfielder sparingly. He is likely to be just as ineffective for City and not see too much game time.

That said, regardless of what he achieves for Man City, Chelsea fans must always remember what he achieved at CFC and not let his new chapter erase that.

There will always be a minority of fans who will turn against the English International star, tarnishing his reputation at club level. However, I believe the vast majority of Chelsea fans will award him a heroes welcome upon his return to Stamford Bridge in September.


Blog by Chelsky Boy Luke