Keane labels Mourinho a ‘disgrace’

Aston Villa assistant manager Roy Keane has claimed that some of Jose Mourinho’s actions would see him get ‘knocked out’ if he were to try them in Sunday league.

Villa boss Paul Lambert refused to take the Portuguese’s hand as he prepared to head down the tunnel before the end of his side’s 3-0 defeat by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on September 27, while his number two Keane’s reaction was even more withering

Speaking at the release of his autobiography in Dublin titled ‘Second Half,’ Keane blasted Chelsea boss Mourinho a disgrace for trying to shake hands with the opposing manager before the end of the game.

Keane said: “The game was still going on. It’s disgraceful. I’ve seen him doing it to other managers, it is a disgrace. You wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out.”

Keane’s comments are sure to create more interest surrounding his latest autobiography where he talks openly and pulls no punches, especially regarding his frosty relationship with former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.



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